City Rides And Other Stories

1. Full Band Intro

2. City Rides

3. Emily's Red Room

4. (Out Of Here)

5. Shake It

6. City Rides (Reprise)

After Midnight

1. Midnight Moonlight Dream

2. Nocturne

3. Sunset Blvd

4. Cinderella's Fancy Eyes


Fade is feelings, Fade is understanding each other, Fade is a direct look into the most intimate part of your mind, the one you’ve always tried to hide, the one that doesn’t fit with the hasty daily-routine of the ’20’s.

Fade is a sentimental break from your busy day, with a delicate vintage sound.

With his songs, he tries to give voice to his feelings, focusing on a more sentimental and heart speaking style. With his powerful lyrics and his groovin’ music, he aspires to find its way straight to people’s hearts, sharing his nostalgic and romantic ideal world.

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